business, society and the environment have never been more interdependent - and the need to create growth in the right way is more urgent than ever.

Bold leaders are driving transformation all over the world but it's a story that's still being written and TODAy IT'S more possible than ever to take small steps and GREAT leaps in the right direction.

Over 14 years I have lived across the uk and india, worked IN major global advertising agencies, LAUNCHED a CREATIVE STARTUP support platform, run my own sustainability consultancy, and gained a POST-GRADUATE CertIFICATE in Sustainable Value Chains from the University of Cambridge.

I now bring a multi-disciplinary approach and global perspective to companies, startups, and non-profits that are ready to build a more sustainable future.

At least that’s the idea.

See some of my work here, download my full RéSumé here, or email me here.  I also partner with some really smart people to deliver projects, including sophie dollar and patrick cahill.

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