CLIENT: triggerise

In Their Hands is a unique technology platform that gives girls more choice about how and where to receive sexual and reproductive health services. Developed by Triggerise and CIFF, it sources direct feedback from girls and rewards them for rating services, thereby driving higher quality health provision and giving other girls honest advice on where to go.

The programme had previously never been communicated publicly and was aiming to drive new funding and partnerships. Working with the team at Umbrella in London, I developed the core strategic positioning for the platform, highlighting the benefits to girls while targeting the need of programme managers and funders for faster, better quality data in order to make better decisions.

The website, films and stand first rolled out at Women Deliver 2019 in Vancouver and will support Triggerise’s ongoing fundraising and partnership activities.


DEFINING a powerful POSITIONING TO COMMUNICATE the THREE BUSINESS VERTICALS of a mission-driven tech startup


As a purpose-driven startup providing digital tools and expertise to beyond-profit organisations, Lightful had seen fast growth and solid external investment. But its growth had outstripped its original business model and the brand felt fractured across three verticals. The two-part project began by working with key leaders in the organisation to re-articulate Lightful's purpose and create a clear positioning for each of the three verticals, along with a coherent tone of voice and way of speaking about each. The second part involved creating the key story arc for the consulting business, Lightful Services, through a pitch deck and refreshed website copy and structure. A revised site is due to launch in Spring 2018.

building the business model, brand positioning, and communication approach for a social INNOVATION startup

Client: Good Business Lab

Working with the Lab's founders, two US-based academic researchers and a Indian garment manufacturer, I was able to translate their complex research projects into a fully-formed social enterprise model, capable of attracting funding and delivering impact at scale. We collaboratively developed viable operational and funding models which I further progressed into a simple, straightforward brand positioning. The lab formally launched in April 2017.

Going 'behind the seams' to bring garment workers’ stories to life

Client: shahi exports

The garment sector is home to a diverse and talented workforce who form the backbone of the global fashion industry. Too often they are portrayed through a reductionist lens as the victims of exploitation, which obscures the potential of the industry as a driver of economic and social development. Behind The Seams is an ongoing project that I developed with Shahi Exports to bring to life a diverse range of garment worker stories and highlight the criticality of equitable working conditions in enabling fair opportunities for all. In support of Fashion Revolution, the first eight stories were published on a standalone site, which was shared across #Fash_Rev's social platforms.

Relaunching a staid NGO to reach everyday shoppers at scale

Client: Fairtrade Foundation UK

I led the team that pitched for and won the Fairtrade Foundation advertising account at Wieden + Kennedy and developed a transformative new brand communications strategy that would excite mums (the core FMCG consumer) about switching to fair trade products. A relaunch of the organisation’s annual awareness campaign, “Fairtrade Fortnight” resulted in over one million online pledges to switch to fair trade and a ten percent increase in consumer-led events across the country.

Co-founding India’s first platform to SUPPRT creative startups WITH KNOWLEDGE, MENTORSHIP AND INVESTMENT


In a country of 1.27 bn people, with 5000 years of cultural heritage and a fast-growing economy, India didn’t have any structured support for creative startups. From consumer research to brand positioning and content programming I worked with Only Much Louder, a Mumbai-based media and entertainment company, to build a new platform and annual event to bring together creative startups from multiple disciplines, reaching thousands of businesses and now in its fourth year.

Engaging 80,000 GARMENT workers in their rights and responsibilities

Client: Shahi Exports

Working with India’s larget garment exporter for many years, we established a critical information gap in the welfare ecosystem - low-skilled and low-educated workers were not aware of their basic rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Through a collaborative research and creative process we developed an illustrated pocket guide in four languages that is being distributed to 80,000 workers with the goal of improving welfare outcomes and establishing a stronger workplace culture.


Client: Shahi Exports

Shahi is India’s largest apparel exporter with 65 factories and a workforce of over 100,000 people, mostly women. As a progressive company with strong ethical compliance and a large number of welfare and sustainability initiatives, it has a strong belief in empowering women economically, professionally and personally through the power and scale of business.

My role since 2018 has been to drive Shahi’s sustainability and worker wellbeing strategy internally and to communicate its leadership on a global stage in order to develop key partnerships with brands, think tanks, non-profits and multi-laterals. Since 2018 we have developed Shahi’s website and a thriving blog, made a commitment at Women Deliver to support the UN Foundation’s Private Sector Action for Women’s Health & Empowerment, and initiated innovative research projects with the Good Business Lab supported by foundations and retailer brands.

Previously I was a consultant to Shahi in India for 5 years. In that time we developed Shahi’s CSR approach from scratch, starting with a co-created CSR strategy, its first even CSR policy, an illustrated multi-language worker handbook outlining rights and responsibilities, and documented stories of workers.

Making Business Human-First


Client: tea & water

Human Rights has topped the rankings of sustainability priorities two years running, in the BSR/Globescan annual State of Sustainability Survey. With this in mind, Tea & Water, a creative agency that delivers creative solutions for a sustainable future, wanted to build some thinking and conversation around the issue, driving their positioning and supporting new business development. I led the development of a content approach and authored a provocation paper that asks whether creativity, collaboration and communications can play a role in delivering improved human rights within business. It includes four thought pieces with tangible suggestions for sustainability professionals plus six interviews with leaders from across the value chain - from a major UK retailer, to a global tea brand, a Tibetan textile manufacturer and an innovative human rights lawyer. The thought pieces were syndicated on Triple Pundit which, along with an online content strategy, drove significant uplift in traffic to Tea & Water's channels.


Helping a truly organic haircare startup to elevate its brand positioning in the fast-growing natural haircare segment

Client: tabitha james kraan

Tabitha James Kraan is a passionate innovator in natural, organic, hair care. Having introduced one of the UK's earliest organic hair salons in the 1990s, she and her partner created a range of eco-luxe, organic haircare products in 2016.

Leading a small team at Skating Panda, I worked with TJK to refine its purpose, values, and voice - and to create a targeted communications strategy that would position it as a leading brand in the fast-growing natural and organic haircare market in preparation to enter mainstream haircare. The strategy is currently being implemented in order to fuel TJK's next phase of growth and investment through to 2019.

Developing an evidence-based sustainability vision for a tech infrastructure major to reach the last mile IN INDIA

Client: Sterlite Technologies

After many years of mostly ad-hoc philanthropic giving, we supported Sterlite to create its first integrated sustainability vision and strategy. To drive traction through the business, the strategy was grounded in a detailed analysis of the social ROI of current CSR expenditure and an extensive employee survey – and presented as an engaging vision that aligned CSR with the core mission of the business: last-mile connectivity for every Indian.

As a result, Sterlite included CSR in its annual report for the first time in 2016, a section which I ghost-authored. The company's leadership is now actively promoting a culture of shared value across its business operations and has consolidated key activities as well as strengthened its corporate Foundation. It is also working with a Mumbai-based incubator to invest in social enterprises working in last-mile connectivity and has scaled up its Virtual Classroom programme through public-private partnerships in new states within India.

Overhauling a global tech brand’s approach to emerging-market consumers

Client: NokiA

At the time I was relocated to New Delhi to direct the Nokia account for Wieden + Kennedy, Nokia was marketing its low-cost phones only to farmers and families. But the reality of the consumer base was very different. Leading an ethnographic research project across four global regions we created a series of films that followed the daily lives of a diverse, savvy, and cool youth consumer that transformed Nokia’s market understanding and its creative strategy across emerging regions.

Leading Nike Running’s advertising in the UK market

Client: Nike UK

Overseeing strategic planning, creative development and production, and leading the client relationship across all Nike Running advertising at Wieden + Kennedy. Delivered significant brand recall during the Olympics, which Nike was not a sponsor of and therefore couldn’t speak directly about.